Our Latest Projects

Great Stories by Great Storytellers.

At Mercury Ink we believe that finding an audience for a book is just as important as the book itself.  With readers exposed to so many sources of recommendations—television, radio, newspapers, blogs, Twitter and Facebook, just to name a few—it's hard to break through the noise and make the deep connections with readers that are so important.

Mercury Ink reverses the equation.  When looking at a possible project we start at the end by asking: who is this book being written for?  Is the audience definable and quantifiable?  And, most important, can we reach the audience in a compelling way?

Once we know the answers we can go back to the beginning and focus on the best part of publishing: helping authors create books that not only are great, but that also sell great.

Check out our current portfolio of projects, including the #1 New York Times bestselling young adult novel series MICHAEL VEY by Richard Paul Evans, the bestselling 10-episode eBook original series WRATH & RIGHTEOUSNESS by Chris Stewart, and the New York Times bestselling non-fiction book THE COMMUNIST by Paul Kengor.